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Cornwall version 1.0 (Mines, china clay, and some quarries)

Devon version 1.0 (Mostly mines)

Forest of Dean Version 1.0 (Coal and iron mines, furnaces and other sites of industrial archaeological interest. Tramways a potential future project)

Bristol Coalfield version 1.0 (Includes the Nailsea area, also track of Avon & Gloucester dramway)

Somerset Coalfield version 1.0

West Somerset Iron Mines version 1.0 Data extracted from Dines

Brendon Hills Iron MinesIncludes track of West Somerset Mineral Railway and associated sidings and branches.

Rosedale Mines (Cleveland) (Includes railways)

Hodbarrow Mine

South Yorkshire Mining Disasters (To accompany South Yorkshire Mining Disasters volumes 1 and 2)

South Yorkshire Collieries version 1.0 (A wider coverage of my ancestral home district including smaller mines - an ongoing project)

Peak District Mines version 1.0 (an ongoing long term project to map the lead mining sites)

Wealden Iron Sites version 1.0 (Based on sites recorded in The Wealden Iron Industry)

Midlands Ironstone Quarries (Coming soon, based on series of books by Eric Tonks)


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