Wolseley WD Main Bearings and more.....

Coming soon will be details of my replacement bearings for Wolseley WD1 stationary engines. The bearings are also suitable for the Ruston Hornsby PT/PB engines with 1.25" diameter crankshafts (1.5 BHP).

If you are in need of a new whitemetal bearing for one of the above engines, please email for details and timeframes

I mostly manufacture bearings to order, but if I have spare time I make small batches and offer them for sale on eBay.

Link to sales page (not yet live)

The image shows an original Wolseley bearing on the right and one of my re-manufactured bearings on the left. The original bearings were made from a lead-based alloy. My bearings are made from a superior tin-based bearing alloy (approximates to BS 3332/A).